A story about Uber Support

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2021.12.05 06:10 jminternelia A story about Uber Support

I had to cancel a trip last night, the only trip I have waited 7 minutes for. Now I only got the cancellation minimum of $3.60. I swear we used to get wait time plus the cancel fee. I opened a support ticket and ripped them a new ass (after repeatedly being polite). Eventually I pulled out all the crazy stops. Threatened to cancel every rider if feet aren't on the street, threatened to contact the Pitch, the KC Star, etc. Didn't actually intend to get anywhere, just wanted to give them hell.
The various agents keep replying:

Hi, jminternelia
Thanks for following up. I understand you're expecting to have wait time fee for this cancelled trip.
Keep in mind that if you accumulate wait time fees and a cancellation occurs, you won't receive wait time fees, but may be eligible for a cancellation fee.
I hope this helps.
Or this:
According to our policy, drivers in some markets now have to wait 7 minutes. We want to make sure that you're able to complete more trips than cancel them, so we have extended the wait time to 7 minutes. We appreciate your flexibility.
To which I responded:
Flexing someone who doesn't want to be flex is assault. Your policy reasoning is also bogus. You didn't do this so that I can take more trips, you did this because you have a poorly implemented cancellation policy regarding things like masks that many customers challenge, and your PR dept doesn't want to piss off riders by denying them a refund, so you stick it to the drivers. Not my problem. You WILL issue me a minimum of $0.18 x 7, or $1.26 for my wasted time. You have 24 hours before I reach out to the KC Star and The Pitch. If you cannot do this, then you need to escalate this issue to your supervisor.
I just checked and found they sent another message.
Hi jminternelia,
This is Bob, one of the Supervisors from Uber Support.
I have added $3.00 to your earnings to compensate you for the inconvenience. Thanks for being patient while we look into this issue.
Don't hesitate to reach out if you have additional questions.

Petty? Yes. But also principled.
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2021.12.05 06:10 yours_is_no_disgrace Five years sober today...

It's gotten easier but it's never easy, if that makes sense. It's kind of like the death of a loved one. You think about them every day for a while but then one day you realize you haven't thought of them for a couple days... then a week... then more. It slowly fades away but never completely disappears. But it's worth it. So much has improved in my life, mentally and physically. For one thing my dental hygiene is much improved, lol.
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2021.12.05 06:10 jomahuntington Shiny splashx sour apple = shiny apple 9.3/10

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2021.12.05 06:10 Steven18385 [US-OK][H] Tofu 60, GMK Red Samurai 1800 layout [W] Paypal

Hello all,
Selling this Tofu 60 and GMK Red samurai I bought when I got into the hobby. I don't use them anymore, so I figured I'd sell them.
Tofu 60: The standoff is scratched from doing o-ring mod. Other than that, it should be in mint condition. Keycaps not included

$210 shipped
GMK Red Samurai 1800 layout: There is no shine on them
$80 shipped
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2021.12.05 06:10 konosubaa002 Ponytail Noire trying out Neptune's parka

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2021.12.05 06:10 ThrowawayN00bqLos3r Anyone else Hate Bradley now?

He completely changed from decent gym guy to boozy horny asshole. Nelk ruined him.
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2021.12.05 06:10 NazoTheVengefulOne Infinite Dark Form

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2021.12.05 06:10 ysond1 Distributing pages that are nestled under a page produces strange results.

Hello everyone, I'm trying to find out more information about how distributing pages works. For some reason, when I Distribute a page from the content library that is a subpage of another page it attaches to entirely different pages in students own section. I've attached a screenshot for further clarification. The image on the left is how it looks in the students' section once it's been distributed. The image on the right is the content library from where I start the distribution.


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2021.12.05 06:10 Rare-Connection-6745 [Kik- Donald190900] - Feed or Joi me and I’ll show

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2021.12.05 06:10 MansonGirl15 Credentials

When I was in college, many moons ago, I basically had no discipline and I sucked. I did not get into music school.
Now, I’m pushing 50 and basically starting over, with a wonderful private teacher. I want to sing opera, but not be an opera singer (my wheelchair prevents me from being cast in a role.) I want to make recordings and do recitals, as a classical singer.
Do I need a degree? I only have an associates degree in voice. I feel behind in that aspect, but I can’t afford a second BA and MM. I really could only consider an artist diploma, but I don’t know if years of private study qualifies me.
Any feedback please?
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2021.12.05 06:10 UrbanAstro123 DoorDash holding my fastpay?

Every Saturday Night I fast pay my earnings because Sundays are for rest.
After I initiated fast pay I noticed the money never left my account. As I tried again it tells me I've already used it...
The money is still available on my account... has anybody had this problem before?
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2021.12.05 06:10 Mrjelli389 What's the best 20 000 renown defender

I'm saving up for a really good defender who is 20 000 renown in the new season (High Calibre) because I don't know who I should get and if they are good or not, I want any mixed opinions of the operator.
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2021.12.05 06:10 wultz1 Somehow this yolk dodged every bit of my mixing in this pancake batter..

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2021.12.05 06:10 smichaelpitt [OC] Undead Pegasus my friend painted.

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2021.12.05 06:10 LordSaddler 4 months sober and thinking about smoking again

I quit cold turkey back in August because I was using wayyy too much. It makes me antisocial, so I would just sorta lock myself in my room and not do anything except play video games and watch TV. Even though that sounds depressing to a lot of people, I actually really enjoyed it most of the time, and I also enjoy smoking with my friends out in nature. The main reason I stopped was because I started my first proper 9-5 job in September, and I wanted to go into it with a clear head and give myself the best possible opportunity to do well, enjoy it and make connections with other people without being socially awkward/anxious due to 'smoke brain' lol. Feeling good these days - settled into my job nicely, doing a shit tonne of running, eating pretty good etc. Although I still have this urge to smoke on weekends with buddies to unwind and enjoy movies and games again (since stopping I barely have any interest in these).
So my question is: how were you able to moderate your use? I want to be able to limit it to weekends, but I'm worried that I'll be tempted to go straight back to smoking every night once I get a taste for it. I've never been able to just smoke every once in awhile, it's an all-or-nothing type of relationship for me.
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2021.12.05 06:10 Otter_Wickedstorm so i made this rather than sleeping

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2021.12.05 06:10 HiddenLilac i’m bored who wants head

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2021.12.05 06:10 Gumbledorus Phaser complete. Hardest thing I've built.

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2021.12.05 06:10 Every-Bookkeeper5303 International students and standardized tests

For those of you that have gotten into a US college (preferably with financial aid), what was your SAT score or did you go test optional(?)
View Poll
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2021.12.05 06:10 ObscureHipHop Spookrijders - De Klokkenluiders Van Amsterdam

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2021.12.05 06:10 Toekibyy Upgraded their crabitat! How is it looking??

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2021.12.05 06:10 mm-yt dog give kitten nose boop

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2021.12.05 06:10 MechCADdie Dating App Scam Alert!

So I started checking out this dating app, called Hinge, but noticed that I was oddly popular for some reason (I would rate myself as a 7/10...not lean or overly muscular, but I can clean up well when I try). After talking to a few ladies, I started noticing that a suspicious amount of them all recommended going to Whatsapp and all happened to be pretty beautiful Chinese ladies (mind you, I'm trying to find someone that I can actually relax with at family gatherings). Weird, but ok. Maybe they just have a translation program and don't feel great about their English skills. Sucks, but I can work with that.
Fast forward like a day or two, maybe a week for some of them, and I noticed a second pattern, where they all eventually talked about Meta Trader 5. The most recent one got a little pushy this morning about it and that was a flag. I start looking this up and I find out that this is a common scam that they play. This scam is so common that even prolific youtubers have covered it, such as laowhy86.
So just as a word of caution to you folks out there to be aware of scammers while using online dating apps! And for you ladies out there, be careful, apparently there are fake guy profiles pulling this too!
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2021.12.05 06:10 Minute-Stand1985 ‼️5000$ + 1x1 FREE Doodle Punk & 5 WL spots to grab🤑

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2021.12.05 06:10 KAMEKAZE_VIKINGS When were you there closest to dying and if you did die, what would've been your last word?

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