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The Good Thief's Guide to Amsterdam by Chris Ewan [Mystery](2007)

2021.12.05 05:00 RedditReadsBot The Good Thief's Guide to Amsterdam by Chris Ewan [Mystery](2007)

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2021.12.05 05:00 AutoModerator Home Base and Daily Discussion Thread (START HERE!) - December 05, 2021

Welcome to your home for everything Pete ! The mod team would like to thank each and every one of you for your support during Pete’s candidacy! This sub continues to function as a home for all things Pete Buttigieg, as well as a place to support any policies and candidates endorsed by him. Purposes of this thread:

Please remember to abide by the rules featured in the sidebar as well as Pete's 'Rules of the Road'!
How You Can Help Register to VOTE
Support Pete's PAC for Downballot Races, Win the Era!
Find a Downballot Race to support on VoteDem
Donate to Pete's endorsement for President of the United States, Joe Biden, here!
Buy 'Shortest Way Home' by Pete Buttigieg
Buy 'Trust: America's Best Chance' by Pete Buttigieg
Buy 'I Have Something to Tell You: A Memoir' by Chasten Buttigieg
Flair requests will be handled through modmail or through special event posts here on the sub.
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2021.12.05 05:00 AutoModerator Weekly Questions and Free Talk Megathread - December 05, 2021

Welcome to Mankai Company! Hello Directors, and welcome to the Mankai Directors Lounge, your all-in-one place for Q&A and Free Talk!
πŸ“° Important Notice Regarding Future Operation of A3! EN
πŸ“° A3ActorsInTraining Subreddit Updates - Nov 6, 2021
New to the Subreddit? Please read these first before anything else! πŸ”– Subreddit Rules
πŸ”– Posting Guide
πŸ”– List of Posts Flaired as "Please Read"
Are you a NEW player? Check out these links first! πŸ”– A3! EN FAQ
πŸ”– A3! JP FAQ
πŸ”– Event Guides and Resources Wiki
πŸ”– List of Posts Flaired as "Guide"
Feel free to use the comments section below to ask further questions about the game, share your friend ID, discuss your game experience or talk about anything else that comes to mind.
If you have any other concerns or suggestions to further improve the FAQ and the sub in general, please don't hesitate to send us modmail. Feedback is very much appreciated. Thanks!
Other Links

Actor's Corner ~ * ~
Actor's Corner is on a break this week! Why not check out some Holiday sales and tell the company penny-pinchers about it?
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2021.12.05 05:00 AutoModerator /r/WeAreTheMusicMakers Weekly Feedback Thread

Welcome to the /WeAreTheMusicMakers Weekly Feedback Thread! This is the only place on this subreddit to get feedback on your music, your artist name, your website layout, your music video, or anything else. Posts seeking feedback outside of this thread will be deleted without warning.
This thread is active for one week after it's posted, at which point it will be automatically replaced.

Tips for a successful post: Other Weekly Threads (most recent at the top): Questions, comments, suggestions? Hit us up!
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2021.12.05 05:00 AutoModerator /r/WeAreTheMusicMakers Weekly Quick Questions Thread

Welcome to the /WeAreTheMusicMakers Weekly Quick Questions Thread! If you have general questions (e.g. How do I make this specfic sound?), questions with a Yes/No answer, questions that have only one correct answer (e.g. "What kind of cable connects this mic to this interface?") or very open-ended questions (e.g. "Someone tell me what item I want.") then this is the place!
This thread is active for one week after it's posted, at which point it will be automatically replaced.
Do not post links to promote music in this thread. You can promote your music in the weekly Promotion thread, and you can get feedback in the weekly Feedback thread. Music can only be posted in this thread if you have a question or response about/containing a particular example in someone else's song. Other Weekly Threads (most recent at the top):

Questions, comments, suggestions? Hit us up!
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2021.12.05 05:00 AutoModerator ASK HERE - Daily Help Desk (Questions, Teambuilding, Reroll, ask anything!)

ASK HERE - Daily Help Desk (Questions, Teambuilding, Reroll, ask anything!) She's bestgirl
New player or veteran, feel free to use this thread to ask your questions! You can also join our Discord: here
F.A.Q. New Player Start-Up and Reroll Guide
Useful links, guides and tools
Want to make this sub better? Become a moderator!
If you are interested to join us please submit a modmail or contact us on discord!
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2021.12.05 05:00 AutoModerator /r/WeAreTheMusicMakers Weekly Promotion Thread

Welcome to the /WeAreTheMusicMakers Weekly Promotion Thread! Here, you can shamelessly promote whatever music project you've been working on. Music, videos, Discord servers, websites, social media, promote anything you want. Posts promoting anything outside this thread will be removed without warning.
Contest mode has been enabled to prevent vote manipulation. Every time you open this thread, you will see new comments at the top. Your comment will be displayed randomly like the others.
This thread is active for one week after it's posted, at which point it is automatically replaced.
Other Weekly Threads (most recent at the top):

Questions, comments, suggestions? Hit us up!
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2021.12.05 05:00 AutoModerator /r/WeAreTheMusicMakers Weekly Collaboration Thread

Welcome to the /WeAreTheMusicMakers Weekly Collaboration Thread! If you're looking for help with, or wanting to pitch in on a project, post up your details here. Other threads looking for collaboration will be deleted and redirected here.
This thread is active for one week after it's posted, at which point it is automatically replaced.

  • No feedback requests - use the feedback thread.
  • No promotional posts - No contests, No friend's bands, No facebook pages. Use the promotion thread.
Other Weekly Threads (most recent at the top): Questions, comments, suggestions? Hit us up!
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2021.12.05 05:00 EuropeBot What happened in your country this week? β€” 2021-12-05

Welcome to the weekly European news gathering.
Please remember to state the country or region in your post and it would be great if you link to your sources.
If you want to add to the news from a country, please reply to the top level comment about this country.
This post is part of a series and gets posted every Sunday at 9AM CET. Archives
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2021.12.05 05:00 AutoModerator Audiobooks & eBooks for the week of December 05, 2021

Feel free to share links to temporary giveaways of audiobooks and/or eBooks (if Amazon Kindle, then ones that do not require Kindle Unlimited to read for free) in top-level comments here. Also consider /KindleFreebies and /FreeEbooks.
To readers: Remember that you do not need a physical Amazon Kindle device to read Kindle eBooks! After making a free Amazon account, you can read eBooks for free via Amazon's official Kindle Cloud Reader, downloadable Kindle desktop programs, or Kindle mobile apps.
Amazon's Top 100 Free Kindle eBooks (automatically updated daily; link only works on desktop, not mobile)

  1. Top-level comments to this post should only be for temporary giveaways that do not appear in the 100-free link above. Feel free to describe the product. Such comments are not subject to our 10:1 anti-spam ratio rule.
  2. Top-level comments' URLs must be plainly shown as text; comments with URLs that are concealed by other text-to-click-on may be removed on sight and will need to be redone. Repeat offenders may be banned.
  3. Top-level URLs must also be clean with no referral content. Any URL that has ?, ref, UTM or any similar referral content will be removed with offenders being temporarily or permanently banned from /eFreebies. Please use the Report button for such comments.
To find previous posts, run a search in this subreddit for author:AutoModerator.
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2021.12.05 05:00 AutoModerator Social Sunday (05/12/2021)

Grab your coffee and get comfortable, it's Sunday :)
Talk about anything, or something else!
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2021.12.05 05:00 menisaac About picking up where host left off?

Just for the sake of clarity, from what I understand if myself and some friends log off the game, and the previous host is unable to join us next time we get on, we will still be able to pick up where we left off with same progress and built/crafted items just with a new host. Do I have this correct?
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2021.12.05 05:00 AutoModerator DfD Discussion Thread, December 05, 2021

Shitposts, blogposts, and hot takes go here. When linking tweets, users are highly encouraged to include tweet text and descriptions of any pictures and videos. If linking to YouTube videos, please indicate it's a YouTube video.
DFD is teaming up with /neoliberal and related subreddits for the annual Against Malaria fundraiser. Donate here! Here are the user incentives:

  • For every verified donation, irony_tower will create DFD NFT of your choice.
  • For every verified donation of at least $20, RobinSanjiao will record a short message in Vocaroo of your choice. (Robin reserves the right to refuse any lewd, offensive, or otherwise objectionable messages.)
Keep it friendly and wholesome!
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2021.12.05 05:00 AutoModerator Weekly r/oratory1990 EQ Thread - Questions, Requests, Technical Support

This thread is for all questions about EQ / Equalizing

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2021.12.05 05:00 AutoModerator Daily Advice Thread 05/12/2021

Welcome to the DAT, summoner! Post questions regarding team composition, content progression, game mechanics, or anything else in this thread. If you are able to help your fellow summoners, please take some time to contribute to the community and answer some questions yourself as well!
A lot of helpful guides and resources can be found in the subreddit mega wiki.
If you ask a question please give ALL relevant information!

  • Your monster box: Upload a screenshot to imgur or use swarfarm. Sort your box by "Grade" and try to include all 4*s and LD nat 3*s.
  • Your current progression: Where you currently are in the game, what your teams are, what content you need help with and what you have tried so far.
  • For ToA, which enemies are on the floor you're stuck on.
  • For PvP, indicate what rank you are trying to achieve, i.e. currently F3 want to get C1 Arena. For RTA also share your rank percentage.
The less people have to clarify or look up to help you, the more likely you will get a fast response.
Beginner friendly/farmable PvE teams Recommended progression: GB10 -> ToAN -> GB12 -> ToAH -> (DB11 ->) NB12 -> R5 and Rifts
Fast progression: GB12 -> (DB11 ->) NB12 -> BJ5 -> Tricaru DB12
Note that for NB12 a few violent sets (especially on twins) are making things a lot easier so before tackling Necropolis you might want to farm a little bit of DB11, it also gives you Guard runes for Tricaru.
  • GB10: Vero/Sig (L), Fran, Loren, Lapis, Shannon/second awakened (2A) Kro
  • Legacy GB10 teams typically include Belladeon, Bernard, or Darion. These units are outdated and can be skipped.
  • GB12: Vero/Sig (L), Fran, Loren, 2A Naomi, 2A Kro (you can replace one of Naomi/Kro with (2A) Shannon for increased safety)
  • DB12: Verde (L), Fran, Loren, Sig, Elsharion or Verde (L), Vero, Fran, Loren, Spectra (2A)
  • PB10: Verde (L), Colleen/Fran, 2A Raoq, 2A Kro, 2A Spectra/Yen/Pang. You can also use 2A Jultan to tank the boss (on multiple Will sets).
  • SB10: Fran, Loren, 2A Kro, 2A Raoq, Ling Ling
  • NB12: Lapis (L), Colleen/Fran, Loren, 2A Raoq, 2A Kro/Raoq (NB10 guide). Twins are a much better choice and should be used if possible.
  • ToA(H): Fran (L), Lapis, Verde, Loren, Sig/Vero/2A Kro/2A Spectra. Use Tyron if you have him. 2A Sath/Thrain are good options if you want to go for a dot team, do not use Baretta as he's terribly outdated.
  • R5: Front Line: Xiong Fei, Darion Back Line: Colleen, 2A Kro, Tesa, Theo/Xiao Lin/Belladeon
  • R5 stat minimum: You need 25k HP and 1.5k DEF for FL units and 20k HP and 0.8-1k DEF for BL units. Healers and your cleanser should have 100% RES after lead.
  • Rift unit options: Xiao Lin, Theomars, Fran, Colleen, and 2A Kro can be used in most of your rift teams. FL Mav/Bernard is good for Water rift and Lapis is good for Fire and Dark rifts. Twins are great in all rifts.
You still need appropriate rune quality and turn order! Do not expect to beat a dungeon just by having these units
Common speed teams
  • R5 - BJ5: Colleen, Baleygr, Janssen, Dagora, Loren, lead unit (BJ5 guide)
  • DB12 - Tricaru: Verde (L), 2A Icaru, 2A Icaru, 2A Icaru (guide (Note: DEF requirement is 3300))
  • NB12 - Tricaru: Either add Astar or replace Verde with her (on vamp, same stats). Adding Astar and Lushen to clear waves first also works.
  • GB12 - dots dots dots: 2A Sath, Mellia, Mellia, 2A Tatu, dot unit/Lushen (guide)
  • PB10 - Tricaru: Kill towers first (usually L>R>B but some people reported R>L>B working better for them).
  • SB10 - dots dots dots: 2A Sath, Mellia, Mellia, 2A Tatu, dot unit/Lushen
PvE accuracy requirements Rifts need no ACC. R5 needs 15%. SB10 needs 25%. PB10 39%. ToA(H), GB10, and NB10 45%. DB10, GB12, NB12 and ToA Hell 55%. DB12 needs 65%.
General tips and answers to Frequently Asked Questions:
  • NEVER feed non-farmable monsters! (you can feed dupes for skill ups)
  • Save your devilmons! In general you do not want to give devilmon to 4* units, Sigmarus and Jeanne are the best early game candidates. Veromos does not need devilmon.
  • Best summon stone targets: Tyron, Lushen, Shaina, Sabrina, Talia. For PvP Khmun, Skogul, Galleon.
  • Check the events for free energy, mana, and other beneficial stuff. To find the current event pages use the button below the energy/mana counter in-game.
  • Lapis can farm Faimon Hell on the free 6* level 15 vampire/revenge runes provided by the challenges. She should be your first 5* and probably 6* as well.
  • Shield sets can reduce the HP/DEF requirements on other units and multiple shield sets will stack to form one larger total shield. Each set contributes a shield equal to 15% of the base HP of the monster they are equipped on.
  • White artifacts from B2 are cheap to upgrade and can give you a massive stat boost early.
  • Hall of Heroes (HoH) should be attempted as high as you can climb. Reps like Rica or Verad can help a lot. Mid/late game players can get 5 extra copies of the HoH monster using almighty scroll pieces after each floor at the small cost of 2000 guild points for each extra monster.
  • Most nat 5*s are PvP exclusive and should be set aside in storage till you make some progress on PvE. Some exceptions are CC units like Rica for ToA, cleansers like Anavel for starter R5, and Perna for rifts.
  • Dimensional hole energy should be spent as soon as possible, always try to stay under the energy cap (recharge rate: 1 per 2h). 2A Kro first, then Spectra or Raoq.
  • Swarfarm provides a bestiary for monster stats and data logs.
For more information please check out the more exhaustive FAQ.
If you see someone using monster icons, you can learn how to use them yourself: .
To set your user flair please visit the Reddit website (do not use the mobile app) and edit it there (example picture).
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2021.12.05 05:00 AutoModerator Weekly Advice Thread 05/12/2021 - 11/12/2021

Post questions regarding team composition, content progression, game mechanics, and the like in this thread. If you are able to help your fellow Portal Masters, please take some time to contribute to the community and answer questions yourself as well!
Please give all relevant information when asking questions!
This includes, but is not limited to:
Your monster box if asking for help on progression (upload screenshots to imgur, what enemies are on whatever Mirage floor you are struggling on, your general progression so we can get an idea of your equipment quality, your current rank and teams/goals if asking for help with PvP, etc.
The less people have to look up to help you, the more likely you are to get a fast response.


  • I lost my previous progress. Why?
The game got revamped so any progress you may had before got wiped and everyone started clean with some sort of compensation.
  • I want to provide feedback about the game
Please use the Bi-weekly Feedback Megathread.
  • Which Skylander is the best? Is there a tier-list?
There isn't such thing like the best Skylander. For what content? And how much are you gonna pay to fully build him/her? The game got revamped and almost everything changed. Old videos and guides don't work anymore. Creating a tier list atm is really really dumb. Everyone is trying to figure out what works and what's not. Wait a bit and they will come.
  • Is there any website that can give me more info?
Please visit :
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2021.12.05 05:00 Groempie_Kokosnoot Pointless crap hour

Pointless crap hour
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2021.12.05 05:00 Posty_bot--- Daily Chat regarding hate.

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2021.12.05 05:00 AutoModerator Sunday's General Discussion Roundtable - 12/05/2021

Welcome to the Political General Discussion Roundtable. Use this thread to discuss whatever is on your mind, or share anything that would otherwise not merit their own threads.
Useful Links:

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2021.12.05 05:00 unpopularkpop_mod r/unpopularkpopopinions Weekly Popular Opinions and Shitposts

I hope everyone's week went well because it's about to start all over. It's Sunday, so let's get all our thoughts and vents out here!
If you have an opinion or an observation but feel like it's popular, go ahead and comment it here. If you have been frustrated by something related to kpop you can vent here. Any form of shitposting is allowed. Just go out and have fun.
All submissions should be under this post.
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2021.12.05 05:00 BloonsBot Daily Challenge - December 05, 2021

Discussion about the today's daily challenge in Bloons TD 6.
Please keep all discussion, question and strategies about the daily challenge and advanced challenge to this post to keep subreddit clutter low.
Make sure to distinguish whether you are posting about the daily challenge or the advanced challenge clearly in your comment.
Click here to see previous daily challenge posts
Happy popping!
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2021.12.05 05:00 AutoModerator NC/NP Trade/Sell & Pet UFA/UFT Thread! - December 05, 2021

Welcome to the Daily NC/NP Trade/Sell & Pet UFA/UFT thread. A new thread will be made every day at midnight NST. Please refrain from posting individual threads and use this thread for your trading purposes!
Items Remember that you can use Ctrl + F to help you find items you might be interested in! Please use the following specific formats to make it easier for people searching for either NC or NP items.
Format - NP Please use this format when buying or selling items:
item - price (or link to your shop/trades/auctions)
Format - NC Seeking:
item(s) or link to wishlist
item(s) or link to trade list
Neocash Trading Please keep in mind that you can ONLY trade Neocash items for other Neocash items and cannot buy them with Neopoints.
To trade an NC item you need a gift box that you receive when redeeming NC cards, opening Gift Box Capsules, or other events. To read more about trading Neocash items check out the Jellyneo guide.
If you're trading NC items, here are a couple of guides to help you out with values and avoid being scammed: ALWAYS KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR WHEN THESE WERE LAST UPDATED AS THEY MAY BE OUTDATED.
Neocash Guide Hub
Most Recently Updated Value Guides
/~Sovenn - Popular Wearables (Outdated)
/~Grreggory - Popular Wearables Text Version (Outdated)
/~Priscilla - Community Value Check (Outdated)
Specialist Value Guides
/~Valisar - Non-Wearables (Unofficial)
/~Morrisftw - Gift Box Capsules (Unofficial)
List last updated May 18th, 2021
Pets This also is the place to post all your pets that you are seeking new homes for, whether you're trading or adopting out.
Please post the pet or pets you currently have up for adoption, that you are zapping to adopt out, or that you wish to trade.
You do not have to post the name of the pet or the name of your account if you do not wish, but remember to check your reddit PMs if this is the only means of communication you are allowing!
Please update or edit your comments once you have found a new home for your pets.
If you want a pet, or are trying to adopt a pet out but want to give redditors first dibs, the /neopets Dream Pet List may be of some use!
For guides and resources, I would check out the following pages:
Pet Trading Guides
/~kalux - General Links and Resources
/~Erizolen - General PC Guide
/~pcguide - Another PC Guide
/~casmara62 - Another PC Guide For Returning/New Pet Traders
/~Danpo - Primary UC Trading Tier Guide
/~Za - Alternative UC Trading Guide
/~Heat - Another Alternative UC Trading Guide
/~Trelm - BD to UC Trading Tier Guide
Pet Adoption Pages
/~ZYDP2 - Zap Your Dream Pet
/~Eggso - UC Project & UFA UC Listing
Extra Paintbrush Clothes
List last updated May 18th, 2021

  1. DO NOT mention /neopets or reddit on Neopets in any way.
  2. Be excellent to each other, as always.
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2021.12.05 05:00 CSCQMods Big N Discussion - December 05, 2021

Please use this thread to have discussions about the Big N and questions related to the Big N, such as which one offers the best doggy benefits, or how many companies are in the Big N really? Posts focusing solely on Big N created outside of this thread will probably be removed.
There is a top-level comment for each generally recognized Big N company; please post under the appropriate one. There's also an "Other" option for flexibility's sake, if you want to discuss a company here that you feel is sufficiently Big N-like (e.g. Uber, Airbnb, Dropbox, etc.).
Abide by the rules, don't be a jerk.
This thread is posted each Sunday and Wednesday at midnight PST. Previous Big N Discussion threads can be found here.
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2021.12.05 05:00 ugatzegoods Commissions Open!

Commissions Open! Hello! I'm currently open for commissions for ROBUX and through Paypal.
Headshots: 350RBX+ / 5$
Bust-up: 600RBX+ / 7$
FULL-BODY: 1k RBX+ / 10$

Note: These are just the base prices and may increase depending on the complexity of your character. Please dm me on discord happynaj#3459 if interested. I'm also open to RHDs (Royal High Diamonds) but I'm not sure yet on my prices on that. Feel free though to make an offer!
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2021.12.05 05:00 wtfbtc_ Current Bitcoin transaction fees: BCH Next Block: $0.0024 BCH Median: $0.0013 BTC Next Block: $2.48 BTC Median: $0.99

Current Bitcoin transaction fees:  

  • BCH Next Block: $0.0024
  • BCH Median: $0.0013
  • BTC Next Block: $2.48
  • BTC Median: $0.99
Source: Bitcoin Transaction Fee Estimator | πŸš€
Get this feed on Twitter and Telegram πŸ“°
Tired of paying high BTC fees? Switch to BCH 🎈
Don't have any Bitcoin Cash yet? Buy BCH & get $10 free πŸ’°
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