On my way honey...

2021.12.05 04:43 Cum_Recipient On my way honey...

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2021.12.05 04:43 back_bithces Dark Magic in The Dragon Prince vs Saidin/Male Power in Wheel of Time (TV)

I was watching Wheel of Time recently and noticed how similar the Saidin, or the Male Magic, to Dark Magic in TDP. The not evil Magic is called Saidar and is held by Women.
Dark Magic and the Saidin are both called Tainted, a corruption of true magic. Those that use them look haggard and exhausted, the users slowly go mad, they both caused mass devastation, albeit to a lesser degree. Like Saidin literally broke the world, boiled seas, swallowed mountains etc, all apocalyptic stuff. The people that also holds the magic without problem also treat those that use the Dark Magic as a taint or pollution of the purity of the Magic, Women in WoT and Elves in TDP.
You know what the main difference between Wheel of Time's Saidin and The Dragon Prince's Dark Magic is? It doesn't treat those that use it like Scum. It presents those that use it and get corrupted eventually not as evil, but as victims of a broken world. It doesn't go out to demonize a whole group of people for having the ability and power. TDP's problem is we are presented with a Black and White view that all that use Dark Magic is inherently evil.
Logain, one of the characters in the WoT show, is shown to be using the Male Power. It shows him going mad because of the power, but you know what it doesn't show? It doesn't show him as an evil megalomaniac, it shows him as a decent guy, willing to forgive and heal those he conquered. Compare this to Viren in TDP, and I can feel the utter lack of nuance about the use and ethics of the magic. TDP literally just stops at "Shortcut Bad" and that's it.
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2021.12.05 04:43 RaulStewart88 z

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2021.12.05 04:43 privacypirate101 TIL PC Thomas won a seat in 2004 national election contested under NDA only for his candidature to be cancelled by the SC for using religious background for wooing voters. Does anyone know how exactly he used religion to garner votes?


His contest in 2004 as the candidate of National Democratic Alliance (NDA), where he defeated both the candidates of United Democratic Front (UDF) and Left Democratic Front (LDF), was considered a landmark victory in the political history of Kerala.[2] However, Supreme Court of India cancelled the results and disqualified him in 2006 on the ground that he used his religious background to woo voters during the polls.
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2021.12.05 04:43 DarxLife 20M GMT+10 QLD AUS - Looking for a serious Artist Motivation Buddy

I intend on going pro as a digital artist, although its a very hard road ahead so any sort of support system (or even rivalry) will go a long way.
Looking to establish some simple habits since my adhd makes things a little difficult.
- Aim is to reach 4 hours of drawing each day and see where it goes from there.
If u want to know what kind of art i do/enjoy its mainly manga/anime and some anthro. Just note ive only really started doing art since 2020.
Im pretty much available most of the time.
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2021.12.05 04:43 LatsodexD did I make this one huh cant tell anymore

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2021.12.05 04:43 ghostgirl1600 Do I really have cancer

So I have what I'll call a mass for now on my lung and between my spine, it's about the size of a golfball and it's never caused me any issues. I didn't even know it existed until recently a couple of years ago when I went to go do X-rays and the doctors detected an "abnormality" and from there I was sent to an even bigger hospital to have a CT and an MRI done. It was determined to be something I was PROBABLY born with.. they didn't want to mess with it for that reason;do a biopsy, surgery none of that but they were still uncertain so they wanted me to keep coming back to monitor it. Now I'm going back I just had a CT done a few weeks ago and they're refusing to let me know whats going on until the 17th at an apt with the head doctor which leads me to believe it's something pretty serious. My dad is refusing to talk about it with me too so I'm getting pretty anxious about the whole thing. I don't know if I should add this but I was supposed to be born with spina bifida (I wasn't) and I sometimes have mild back pain if I sit up for too long but it goes away after I lay down or stretch a bit maybe that's related?? I know all of my questions are gonna get answered in a few weeks but I can't help but feel super paranoid and impatient. If anyone has any ideas to what it could be besides cancer that would help ease my mind at least. I'm 16 I really don't want to have cancer already especially with how big i last saw it.
16F, 5’1, 92 lbs, no meds, I don’t smoke, drink or use any drugs. I don’t have ahold any pictures of my last ct a few years ago and nothing I looked up was similar but I can say that it hadn’t spread to any other areas. at the time anyway..
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2021.12.05 04:43 Which-Age9428 Go subscribe deal running for the next two weeks ☺️🔥 onlyfans.com/shelbyjd98

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2021.12.05 04:43 exophrine Pretty sure this fits in this sub: The Living End - "Roll On"

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2021.12.05 04:43 gloomshot_bot LOVE THIS NEW GAME MECHANIC | Daily Hearts of Iron 4 Community Highlights


Clip # Title Author Curator Score Source Direct Link
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#3 [01:51] Angry Canadian gets mad at map game and Rages videolife146 dziggy1 0.0016 twitch_clips_discovery [CLICK]
#4 [02:12] great Chinese migration ducewilliams ducewilliams 0.001 twitch_clips_discovery [CLICK]
#5 [02:34] Streamer gets steamy on HOI lordavery11 onyeboys 0.0006 twitch_clips_discovery [CLICK]
#6 [02:46] mussolini coctor yes grishaputin gloomshot v2.2 8e-05 abridger v5.5 [CLICK]
#7 [03:50] bokoen clip bokoen generaltownes 8e-05 twitch_clips_discovery [CLICK]
#8 [04:20] gg germany shenryyr trisstann3 6e-05 twitch_clips_discovery [CLICK]
#9 [04:49] shenryyr clip shenryyr twistedminds 6e-05 twitch_clips_discovery [CLICK]
#10 [05:18] videolife146 clip videolife146 miles_is_shaun 5e-05 twitch_clips_discovery [CLICK]
#11 [05:48] bokoen clip bokoen drewp98 2e-05 twitch_clips_discovery [CLICK]
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Clip # | Created | Changes Made:--:|:--:|:--:
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final volume: 0.06809409056975062", "found": "no category folder", "stillness": 0.49, "fps": "60.0->30", "resize": "1920,1080 -> 1280, 720", "volume_changed": "-16.6, -1.5 -> multiplier 1.37", "lower_3rd_dur": 16, "chat_objs": 4, "add_texts": "Added texts: 'Angry Canadian gets mad at map game and Rages', ' curator: dziggy1'", "duration_subtract": 0.05, "elapsed_secs": 44}#4 [02:12] | 2021-11-30 18:57:09.696000 | {"version": "3/22/2021", "clip_volume": "0.03744637964802609 - final volume: 0.02106625739719031", "found": "no category folder", "stillness": 0.3, "fps": "60.0->30", "volume_changed": "-26.8, -0.3 -> multiplier 1.48", "lower_3rd_dur": 16, "chat_error": "No messages.", "add_texts": "Added texts: 'great Chinese migration', ' curator: ducewilliams'", "duration_subtract": 0.05, "elapsed_secs": 25}#5 [02:34] | 2021-11-30 18:56:45.062000 | {"version": "3/22/2021", "clip_volume": "0.04766381723726778 - final volume: 0.06239653249552588", "found": "no category folder", "stillness": 0.41, "fps": "60.0->30", "resize": "1920,1080 -> 1280, 720", "volume_changed": "-26.0, -8.7 -> multiplier 1.21", "lower_3rd_dur": 9, "chat_objs": 2, "add_texts": "Added texts: 'Streamer gets steamy on HOI', ' curator: onyeboys'", "duration_subtract": 0.05, "elapsed_secs": 27}#6 [02:46] | 2021-12-04 05:54:13.015000 | {"version": "3/22/2021", "clip_volume": "0.1438231859474336 - final volume: 0.07820545449775652", "found": "no category folder", "stillness": 0.75, "fps": "60.0->30", "resize": "1920,1080 -> 1280, 720", "volume_changed": "-16.1, -0.4 -> multiplier 1.47", "lower_3rd_dur": 48, "chat_objs": 25, "top_emotes": {"moon2SPIN": 2, "PogChamp": 1, "LUL": 1}, "add_texts": "Added texts: 'mussolini coctor yes', ' curator: gloomshot v2.2'", "duration_subtract": 0.05, "elapsed_secs": 130}#7 [03:50] | 2021-12-04 03:52:06.050000 | {"version": "3/22/2021", "clip_volume": "0.10389560595161104 - final volume: 0.05756061307836726", "found": "no category folder", "stillness": 0.54, "fps": "60.0->30", "resize": "1920,1080 -> 1280, 720", "volume_changed": "-19.0, -0.4 -> multiplier 1.47", "lower_3rd_dur": 22, "chat_objs": 13, "add_texts": "Added texts: ' curator: general_townes'", "duration_subtract": 0.05, "elapsed_secs": 53}#8 [04:20] | 2021-11-30 18:56:58.954000 | {"version": "3/22/2021", "clip_volume": "0.07328707344963614 - final volume: 0.040673568596232675", "found": "no category folder", "stillness": 0.51, "fps": "60.0->30", "resize": "1920,1080 -> 1280, 720", "volume_changed": "-21.5, -0.4 -> multiplier 1.47", "lower_3rd_dur": 21, "chat_objs": 21, "top_emotes": {"LUL": 3, "Kappa": 1, "danPanic": 1}, "add_texts": "Added texts: 'gg germany', ' curator: trisstann3'", "duration_subtract": 0.05, "elapsed_secs": 53}#9 [04:49] | 2021-12-04 03:51:36.991000 | {"version": "3/22/2021", "clip_volume": "0.05905970805991216 - final volume: 0.035889168630185", "found": "no category folder", "stillness": 0.29, "fps": "60.0->30", "resize": "1920,1080 -> 1280, 720", "volume_changed": "-23.0, -1.3 -> multiplier 1.39", "lower_3rd_dur": 22, "chat_objs": 10, "top_emotes": {"shenCoffee": 1, "shenShades": 1, "shenHammer": 1}, "add_texts": "Added texts: ' curator: twistedminds'", "duration_subtract": 0.05, "elapsed_secs": 52}#10 [05:18] | 2021-11-30 18:57:05.687000 | {"version": "3/22/2021", "clip_volume": "0.07347616753975839 - final volume: 0.07282747498908854", "found": "no category folder", "stillness": 0.38, "fps": "60.0->30", "resize": "1920,1080 -> 1280, 720", "lower_3rd_dur": 22, "chat_objs": 15, "add_texts": "Added texts: ' curator: miles_is_shaun'", "duration_subtract": 0.05, "elapsed_secs": 54}#11 [05:48] | 2021-12-04 03:52:02.399000 | {"version": "3/22/2021", "clip_volume": "0.0637117079291822 - final volume: 0.035551779033185446", "found": "no category folder", "stillness": 0.38, "fps": "60.0->30", "resize": "1920,1080 -> 1280, 720", "volume_changed": "-21.8, -0.5 -> multiplier 1.46", "lower_3rd_dur": 22, "chat_objs": 14, "add_texts": "Added texts: ' curator: drewp98'", "duration_subtract": 0.05, "elapsed_secs": 56}#12 [06:18] | 2021-11-30 20:40:42.983000 | {"version": "3/22/2021", "clip_volume": "0.09072285981282303 - final volume: 0.049865402893560826", "found": "no category folder", "stillness": 0.35, "fps": "60.0->30", "resize": "1920,1080 -> 1280, 720", "volume_changed": "-17.8, -0.2 -> multiplier 1.49", "lower_3rd_dur": 59, "chat_objs": 30, "top_emotes": {"grisha11SOCIETY": 1}, "add_texts": "Added texts: ' curator: gloomshot v2.2'", "duration_subtract": 0.05, "elapsed_secs": 170} submitted by gloomshot_bot to gloomshot [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 04:43 Dalzima How hard is expert mode?

I just finished my first playthrough on normal with a melee build. It was a blast. I want to make a summoner build now. Should I play on normal or expert? Is expert significantly harder?
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2021.12.05 04:43 RelevantPicture8687 Hey m33 for talking! Who's up?

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2021.12.05 04:43 Mae_bnnl you can change the percentage of your phone battery, only when your phone is charging

You can change the number of percentage of your phone battery but you can only do it when your phone is charging.
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2021.12.05 04:43 ItsVinn What dating show do you feel has a more realistic shot at Finding love?

View Poll
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2021.12.05 04:43 Benataro a video i made

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2021.12.05 04:43 Madhamsterz A Random list of questions for Dave Chappelle fans... (survey of favorites)

  1. Is Dave the GOAT? Or if not, who is funnier?
  2. Who is your favorite old timer comic, pre Dave Chappelle era?
  3. Who is your favorite female comic?
  4. Who is your favorite not well know comic?
  5. Who is your favorite LGTBQ comic?
  6. What's your favorite Chappelle Show Sketch?
  7. What's your favorite or least favorite Dave Chappelle special?
  8. Dave best punch line is...."....."
  9. What is a comic other people love, that you don't find so funny...
  10. Any other honorable mentions?
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2021.12.05 04:43 KirinNOTKarin It’ll blast you past the astral plane

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2021.12.05 04:43 futoshijapanese Milk🥛 Chocolate, Popsicle Puppy, Pixel Art , 2021

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2021.12.05 04:43 Roux4rt Me(Roux), acquaforte, Pazienza,2021

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2021.12.05 04:43 Mazeman2008 [Fo4]Any cut content mods on Bethesda.net?

Does anyone know any mods that restore cut content in Fo4 that can be use in a normal play through (aka no texture bugs) and are actually usable. I’m mostly interested in weapons and cut weapons mods. I play on Xbox so I can only use Bethesda.net
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2021.12.05 04:43 PM_ME_YOUR_EYELASHES What's the first car you've ever owned?

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2021.12.05 04:43 Minute-Dress1981 How du you clean your mustang?

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2021.12.05 04:43 ImaginaryTarget2115 Unboxing My First Mechanical RGB Keyboard ✨| Motospeed CK69 Gaming Keyboard 🕹 | ASMR Typing

Unboxing My First Mechanical RGB Keyboard ✨| Motospeed CK69 Gaming Keyboard 🕹 | ASMR Typing submitted by ImaginaryTarget2115 to unboxing [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 04:43 HypnotizedNeverLie Yermak, G7, EU ambassadors discuss security situation near Ukraine border, Donbas

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2021.12.05 04:43 One-Ad3723 LINCOLN CHRISTMAS MARKET, & WRAPPING PAPER | vlogmas day 4

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